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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How to install Maven on Windows

Maven Installation is quite straight forward please have look at the following procedure and do comment if you get any issues while installing maven

Apache Maven is not require to install on Windows as a service component, you just need to download the Maven’s zip file, extract it and configure the Windows environment path variable.
Tools Used :
  1. JDK 1.6 or newer version
  2. Maven 2.2.1 or newer version
  3. Windows xp or  7

    1. JDK and JAVA_HOME

    Make sure JDK is installed, and “JAVA_HOME” variable is added in Windows environment variable, and point to the JDK folder.

    2. Download Apache Maven

    Visit this Maven official website, choose a version and click on the download link,

    3. Extract It

    Extract the downloaded zip file. In this case, we extracted to d driver and renamed the folder, e.g D:\mavenNote:
    That’s all, just folders and files, installation is NOT required on Windows.

    4. Add MAVEN_HOME

    Add a new "MAVEN_HOME" variable to the Windows environment, and point it to your Maven folder.

    5. Add PATH

    Update "PATH" variable, append “Maven bin folder” path, so that you can run the Maven’s command everywhere.

    6. Verification

    Done, to verify it, in command prompt, type “mvn –version“.

    If you see similar message, means your Apache Maven is installed successfully on Windows.

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